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The price of qualitative shrimp larvae in market is about 50-55 dong/larva, but it is poor seller. Meanwhile, Duong Hung’s shrimp seed have been not enough to sell despite of the price of 100-150 dong per one.

Picture. Mr Duong Hung is checking shrimp larvae before selling

Dedication and Prestige

Duong Hung Company is located at Binh Dien Hamlet, Long Dien Tay Village, Long Hai District, Bac Lieu Province, is one of the biggest companies in shrimp seed production in Mekong Delta region. Duong Hung’s shrimp seed have been sold in market with 50-70 dong/larva, which is at a higher price than others. It still attract purchaser from over country.

Mr. Duong Hung said: “If farmers want to get success in shrimp hatching, they have to use shrimp seed with good quality. I remembered that ten years ago shrimp brood were bred only once, then they were released. Nowadays, a couple of brood has been forced to breed at least ten times, so quality of shrimp seed is not stable with price ranging from 10-50 dong/larva.”

Therefore, he is determinate to take “quality” as a key role in the success of Duong Hung Company. Aquafeed and probiotics are imported from the USA and broodstock are selected in Rach Goc (Ca Mau). The reproductive performance of the brood follow modern technical process with strictly quality assurance.

In order to ensure stable quality of shrimp seed, the brood has not been forced to reproduce continuously but hatcheries are hygienic to kill aqua-pathogens and maintain quality of shrimp seed after every selling.

Due to good and stable quality, farmers who come from over country trust and use Duong Hung’s shrimp seed for their farms. Mr. Nguyen Tan Loc – Vice President of Farmer Association (Phu Tan, Ca Mau) said: “I bought shrimp larvae from many companies but productivity was not good. I heard about Duong Hung’s products with high quality, so I decided to use his product for my farms and got obvious efficiency.

Through three months with 7000 m2 of surface water, 10000 larvae were released and produced almost 200 kg commercial shrimp with the size of 14-16 shrimps/kg. A kilogram valued 190000 dong and I made profit more than 30 millions dong. Now, this batch is still not sold out”.

Mr. Vo Hong Yem (Thanh Phu, Soc Trang) said: “I started shrimp hatching many years ago and heard about Duong Hung shrimp seed’s quality. I just brought four samples to check quality in Ho Chi Minh City and all samples met quality standards. I tend to buy these samples but three days later, Mr. Hung checked and found out two samples did not get the best condition. Therefore, he recommended that I should not catch these samples. For me, Mr. Duong Hung is an enthusiastic and faithful business man, so farmers trust in his products.”

Duong Hung Company is producing a special shrimp seed costs from 100 dong/one. This is a hot news for both farmers and other companies in Vietnam. Now, Moana shrimp has the highest price ranges from 50-70 dong/one but farmers still consider carefully when they buy. Thus, what is the difference between Dung Hung’s products and the others?

“Why you produce shrimp seed with high cost?” we asked. Mr. Hung answered: “To be honest, you get what you pay for. In order to produce shrimp seed with high cost (100 dong/larva), our company have to focus on quality. We have to follow a serious process from selection of brood to preparation of breeding. The brood reproduce only once and used imported aquafeed from America. Therefore, the cost of this kind is higher than others.”

In addition, Mr. Hung said: “Kind of 100 dong/larva is difficult to produce but it is a best-selling, buyers need to reserve before at least a month. To be succeed farmers not only need to use products with good quality but also need to have a deep understanding of technology and design hatchery”.

Tips of success

Through 20 years, a small hatchery has became a large company with the size of 10 ha and 54 hatcheries for shrimp seed production with over 4320 m3 totally, including 1080 m3 for high quality products. Now, Duong Hung Company mainly provide shrimp seed in Mekong Delta region. Each year over 2 billons shrimp seed were produced and distributed from Ba Ria-Vung Tau to almost provinces in Mekong Delta regions with more than 1000 partners. Also, the company is investing to build additional hatcheries to increase production.

Mr. Duong Hung told that farmers need to follow four values if they want to be succeed in shrimp hatching. These are shrimp seed, culture, probiotics and hard-working. Thus, Duong Hung Company also offer technical advice along with producing shrimp seed.

Duong Hung Company has 200 employees who were covered accommodation and food. Moreover, technical at each farm will be divided 25% of the total profit after excluding cost of investment. Thus, each leader of technician team will earn 15-20 millions dong after two months. On the other hand, all employees are covered labor insurance. At the end of year, Mr. Hung establish a budget to commend and reward contribution of workers, which is also a way to foster employees.

Source: Le Hoang Vu – Thach Thao – Nong nghiep Vietnam

Translator: Ai Van