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Mr. Director Duong Van Hung: 25 years in shrimp seed production

(Vietnam Aquaculture) – When it comes to Duong Hung Aquaculture Breeding Company Limited, everyone think of Mr. Duong Van Hung who is a director and a person has spent over 25 years on development of Dong Hai (Bac Lieu).

Picture 1. Mr. Hung is checking shrimp larvae before offering to farmers

“Most people would prefer to do easy things and who will do difficult things” When I hear these words, I have remembered to Mr. Duong Van Hung who always thinks of the others and what they want, instead of thinking of himself most of the time.

To toss and turn to help farmers

It has been took 25 years when Duong Hung Company was established and Mr. Hung has also gone into shrimp seed production for more than 30 years. During the past 25 years, Mr. Hung contributed greatly to the development of shrimp hatching in Dong Hai (Bac Lieu) with dedication and determination. Mr. Hung has presented shrimp larvae or sold on credit for poor farmers and has gone to co-operative societies to make presentations to guide techniques. He has also help farmers checking standard of water and instruct them how to build a suitable pond for shrimp hatching. In addition, he hired good technicians to work at his hatcheries and help farmers whenever they need. Totally, Duong Hung Company has 21 branches providing shrimp larvae and delivering free of charge for major shrimp-raising areas, each region has at least one technician to give advice to farmers there. Also, he is deploying more 12 branches to meet market demand. The cost of building each branch can run into billions dong.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dao (Thanh Thuong Hamlet, An Trach Village, Dong Hai District, Bac Lieu) said that her family has received supports from Mr. Hung during the past six years, she always called him as “Master Nam” respectfully. Her husband and she are disabled while they have to nourish two child, which is extremely difficult for them six years ago.

“In 2010, I were penniless, nothing to eat. “Master Nam” directed my family to dig a pond to hold the shrimp, gave technical advice and offered 6000 larvae/month with free of charge. Totally, we sold two batches and got 8-10 millions/month.” – Mrs. Dao told. After two years, they escaped from poverty and built a new house, then they saved enough money for their child’s wedding. Moreover, Mrs. Dao’s family rent more land to widen their shrimp hatching. In addition, Mr. Hung helped other 4-5 family to escape from poverty.

To lose sleep when farmers loss.

I supposed that there is sad things when I received a surprised call from Mr. Hung – a busy director who works for public benefit. To be sure, he said with a dismal tone of voice: “Temperature of water fluctuated dramatically because of the continued hot weather and sudden rains, which led to mass shrimp deaths. Farmers have to suffer heavy losses but they want to work again to regain their capital without sanitation. In addition, the cost of probiotics and larvae are financial burden. Also, some companies would like to sell out shrimp larvae to break even, but it is not good. If this case goes on, farmers will fail more and more. For me, I will not offer free, not sale but will discard remaining larvae and bear all the losses. You should publish this news as soon as possible to recommend the people that do not use larvae with poor quality to avoid heavy losses.” He always worry and lose sleep whenever he hear that the farmers are at loss. Mr. Hung understand thoroughly the preoccupation and difficulty of farmers, so his larvae have been guaranteed with the highest quality and verified origin as well as using the most expensive Artemia in feeding. Quality is always an engagement for the farmers and a target to strive for mastery.

At the first VietShrimp Trade Exhibition organized in Bac Lieu, he used the engagement as a slogan for his kiosk. He even led to take five couples of shrimp brood to exhibit, but unfortunately all five couples of shrimp almost dead due to power problems. Mr Duong Hung was so sad not that he regret property but he worry they will not produce the best larvae for farmers. He considers “quality” as the survival of his company.

To be established in 2000, Duong Hung Company met several difficulties in material facilities, infrastructure, limiting experiences in breeding, labor management and market competition. All those problems have been solved in the best way, but how to receive trusts from farmers? He always thinks of the others firstly, which helps him to get compassion from the others.

Mr. Hung always think of how to improve people’s life becoming better and better, which is also the value of life that he pursue.

Picture 2. Mr. Duong Van Hung honored to receive National Quality Award.

To be happy when farmers get success.

In Bac Lieu and other provinces in Mekong region, many families escaped from poverty due to the support from Mr Duong Hung. “I wake up at 4:00 am and go to each household and give them advice. I really happy when farmers get success” he said.

“The first time he talked about his shrimp larvae, I did not trust. He perseveringly instruct how to build a good pond, share technical advice and ensured that larvae would be offered free and repay if not succeed. I followed his guidance and to be succeed over 30 million. I started to be passionate and determined to feed shrimp, the income has been increased more and more. I am grateful to Mr. Hung because of all things he worked for my family” Said by Mr. Nguyen Cong Na (Hung Thanh, Vinh Loi).

“I thought that my wife and I could not be able to take care my child when they went to University. I did not know how to escape from poverty and nourish our child. Fortunately, I met Mr. Hung” Mr. Nguyen Cong Nam said.

Share happiness and get success

Duong Hung Company not only work at breeding but also give technical advice and professional aquaculture. Now, Duong Hung Company own 2500 ponds producing shrimp larvae to meet demand and has thousands of partner from Ba Ria – Vung Tau to Mekong Delta region.

The company also attach special importance to help all workers settle down by building 5000 m2 for houses, dining room, daily and meeting room… Duong Hung Company set up a special way to divide profit for workers, particularly technician. Employees will be receive a half of profit after eliminate investment cost.

Also, social activities have been interested in Duong Hung Company, which is the reason why Duong Hung Company received several awards for their contribution to society. The awards include: The Third Class Labour Medal (2016), Certificate of Merit from The Prime Minister (2012), National Quality Award (2016), Golden Quality Award for Aquaculture (2010, 2012, 2014)… Duong Hung Company absolutely proved their products meet standards of mission, environment and society, ensure food safety and verified origin for aquaculture manufactory. Duong Hung’s products will be accepted to export to strict market as America.

Duong Hung has been always the pride of farmers in Dong Hai where used to be a poor village but now it is turning over a new aspect with enormously economic potentiality in aquaculture, particularly in shrimp hatching.

Source: Nguyet Nga – Vietnam Aquaculture.

Translator: Ai Van